Monday, 23 April 2012

thomas and aston at ocean beach

some months ago, we had some bad flooding in our region and as a consequence, our favourite beach, Ocean Beach, ended up covered with drift wood.  one winter afternoon after school, i took this great opportunity to pack the kids into the car, promising them much fun to be had at the beach.  i also packed my camera of course...! we arrived late afternoon, they played and i took photos.  we had a great time altogether.  here is what the boys got up to, and the photos i took.  i hope you will also enjoy the scenery, this beach is truly beautiful.  xx


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  1. Flo these are absolutely stunning! And the wedding shots below...what can I say?! Are just heavenly, you captured it all so perfectly. You should be very proud! Am inspired by you,mother of three, living your dreams. X