Thursday, 3 October 2013

Faded Glamour - the book (with my photos in it!)

Hi all,
Here is my second very exciting news that's just happening right now - last year I received a phone call from Rebecca Kain, the owner of Redcurrent (, asking me to take the photos for the coffee table book she was intending to write that same year.  2012/2013 were two amazing years that saw me visiting some grand, old, sensational houses and photographing them, or aspects of them.  I'd never worked on such a huge project, and I loved every minute of it, seriously every minute.  

And the book is now on the shelves for sale, as from 30 September 2013.  Rebecca kindly had a copy of the book courried to me last week, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box and held the book in my hands for the first time - all the photos in there I remembered taking, with all the stories that came with them (some very funny!!).  My photos, how cool!!!

That's the book!!

There was even a big article with a photo from the book on the front page of Viva, the NZ Herald's wednesday magazine, with my name (yes!!) mentioned in it. As you can see, i'm pretty happy about it, I suppose it's not every day your work is published...anywhere!!! lol

if i'm allowed to, I will post some photos of the book here soon.
take care in the meantime

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

my website - so excited!!

Hi again!
3 months without posting anything on my blog, that's not on.  Really!!
And yet, there's so much I could have posted, all these photos taken in France to start with.  I suppose I just let life take over, as one does.  Well...not every one, but I certainly did.
And then, things are happening for me professionally and I couldn't ignore my blog any longer.  Exciting things that I want to share with you.
First of all, my website, my first ever website, was launched a couple of weeks ago and this in itself has been very exciting.  It took several months to get it just like I wanted it, with lots and lots of my photographs.  There are still many more to be added and I need to write something about myself, which is always a challenge!
Please go and have a look at it, it's such a pity to spend so much time on something you love and have no one look at it!

If you go and have a look you will see the finished product, but I would like to thank my friend who helped me design and build the website and who spent many hours on it and several sleepless nights getting things just right for me.  I am so grateful for your help, merci beaucoup Loïc, vraiment merci de tout mon coeur!

I hope you go and have a look, a nosie (love that expression, English is such a fabulous language when it comes to expressions!), nothing wrong with being curious, and that you will enjoy what you see.

I promise to write a post again tomorrow about another big thing happening in my professional life right now.  Be patient...only one more day to wait before you find out!!! 

Thanks a lot for your support.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

a dream

I don't think there's much more I can say about this photo shoot than what meets the eyes!  
It had everything I love working with : a beautiful setting (Zoe's new property near Hamilton), a large piece of floaty, delicate and fluid fabric in soft pink, and of course my favourite model Stella.
A dream!


Saturday, 22 June 2013

autumnal fog / le brouillard d'automne

another reason why I like autumn so much? the fog / le brouillard. 
I really enjoy going out on foggy mornings with my camera and driving around until I see some foggy scenery catching my eye.  Those days when the sun is just behind the fog are my favourite of all.  It calls to my attraction to all things ethereal and whimsical.  I love it!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

my favourite season: autumn

I do love autumn, i like its clement weather, coats and boots you can start wearing, the anticipation of winter with evenings by the fire, days spent indoors with a warm chocolate and a good book (if your kids will let you have five minutes of peace of course...!!).  But most of all, I love the colours of autumn, they are so intense and beautiful with all the burnt oranges, dark yellows, browns and purples.  What a glorious season!

Monday, 3 June 2013

l'anniversaire de Luciebelle - lulu's 3rd birthday

Joyeux anniversaire Luciebelle!  Tu viens juste d'avoir 3 ans.  Je t'aime ma Lulu xxx

We had Luciebelle's 3rd birthday celebration in a gorgeous all vintage cafe in Napier, Port O Call.  Look at how divine it is inside, with lots of french flowers, mainly roses, and everything vintage and gorgeous.

Special times!

Thelma & Louise revisited

I don't know what destination these two had in mind when they sat at Dulcie Green's wheel!!! They certainly played the part and went for it, with plenty of rests with marshmallows and their feet on the stirring wheel and some serious attitude!!!
so funny!
thank you Zoe ( for setting all this up for me to photograph. Great memories.