Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Isn't this little girl so beautiful?!! and she is born on the same day as me!  Bless her x


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Alisha + Jessi

thank you Alisha and Jessi 
for asking me to take photos of your pregnancy, 
such a special moment in your life!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Zoe's dresses: Blanes of London evening dress

Zoe wearing Stella's dress, nearly 50 years later...

Zoe is the best person to talk about these amazing vintage dresses she owns from her beloved mother. Here is what she says about this gorgeous dress:
"I felt so pretty and slim trying on this lovely Blanes of London evening dress.  My little girl loved it when she saw me in it because of the magical sparkle in the fabric, the soft angora like collar decorated with vibrant turquoise jewels and the princess quality of the swirly skirt. I have photos of my fun loving Mummy laughing and enjoying life in this very dress and when I held my daughter close to me whilst wearing it I knew Mummy was there too. I so wish she could meet her name sake little Stella. They would have loved each other. I do feel that through this collection of my Mothers dresses Stella will get to know her Grandmother very well!" 

Stella wearing this beautifull dress in February 1965
Stella is so lucky she will get to know her grandmother through her wardrobe.
Bless you Zoe.

a detail of Stella's dress

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

against the odds - kat eye studio's photo-heart connection July 2012

sad moments and bad weather can end up in lovely pictures too.  
it was grey and wet outside.  
lulu had been crying and 
was holding this big white polar bear close to her, 
and she looked so sweet in that tender moment with mr bear.  
the photo's softness highlights this special moment, 
and the little tear 
delicately resting under her right eye
 tells the story of that moment

i'm linking with kat eye studio's photo-heart connection (July 2012)
because i believe, like Kat,
that a photograph is so much more
than composition, colours, light, etc
it's also so much about what it says 
to our human heart
i believe this is what makes people stop in front of a photo
and study it, analyse it, loose themselves in it
for me, the photograph i worked on this July past
is this photo
it speaks to me on a very deep level 

kat eye view

to read more about photo-heart connection

Thursday, 19 July 2012

kinfolk style photos

i was introduced last weekend to a great magazine called 'kinfolk' - i am very attracted to their style of photography and the articles are really interesting too and well written. so this week, i couldn't resist, i got my camera out and took some shots in the kinfolk style, with my own style mixed with it i guess. below are some of the photos i took. 


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

impromptu photo shoot with sweet stella

a few weeks ago, on one of my visits to zoe's and actually as we were setting up to take photos of zoe wearing one of her dear mum's vintage dresses, sweet little stella stole the show and the photo shoot became one of stella wearing her dear mum's petticoat... (zoe, i hope you have forgiven me my lack of focus and how easily i can get distracted... i hope you like the final pictures of stella!).

stella was having so much fun with a little cat mask she had made just earlier that day, and then with the gorgeous powder brush zoe had planned to use herself.  i love these photos, zoe, stella, my lulu, and myself, that was a very special moment (even if zoe felt a bit ignored!!).


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

This morning in Singapore

I'm not sure what this lady was brave enough to walk through first thing this morning, but here I was, running after her to catch this moment.
I loved the fact that she came out of her home and walked into this cloud of chemicals, all beautifully dressed, in order to step out into a gorgeous sunny Singapore day.

Friday, 25 May 2012

vintage at Te Mata Estate winery

Vintage has just finished here at te mata estate winery in new Zealand and I felt honoured to be asked to photograph a day’s pick opposite the winery.  vintage takes place in the middle of my favourite season, autumn. I love this time of year when the colours are so vibrant and warm.  Everytime I step outside, it feels like stepping into a wonderful dream, every tree, every bush is like a ball of fire with all these burnt oranges, copper browns, mustard yellows, and radiant reds, painted all over their leaves.  Entire streets are ablaze with these colours.  It reminds me when I went diving in the red sea off the cost of Egypt, and in the water, the coral and the fish were the colours of a rainbow, and every time I felt like I was there, weightless in this whimsical dream, floating amongst these sea creatures in this world of fantasy. I feel the same way about autumn colours, often I keep my sunglasses on to make the colours even more intense and deeper, it’s wonderful,
So vintage was finishing amongst all these colours. the weather that day wasn’t always at its best but at times when the sun decided to shine through the clouds, the place had this dreamy feel about it.  The pickers were in a great mood, the location was magical, and I had a great time photographing this special event.  Here are the photos, I hope you’ll enjoy them. xx