Monday, 4 February 2013

2012 retrospective

Now that Thomas and Aston are back at school and Luciebelle at daycare, I have had the time to look back at last year and reflect on the course my photography business has taken. Things didn't go the way I expected them to go, isn't it always the way?? No, things took a different track, in a way.  I was in demand much quicker than I thought and i was asked to do a variety of photographic work, some completely unexpected and so wonderful.  
Here's my 2012 in a few words and images:

the year started with Stace and Dale's wedding in the Hokianga in early February

Then not long after that, I was approached by Emma at Redcurrent to take photographs for the Redcurrent website and online shop. You can look at the photos I took for them on (my photos are the main photo on each page / category of products and on the main page).  This was unexpected, as initially I thought I would take photos for families (babies, children, weddings, etc).  I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs for Redcurrent, they are a fun and caring company, it's been a wonderful year working alongside the team.

Here are some of the photos I took for them:

And throughout the year, I photographed lovely pregnant women and some divine newborns: 

and fun and full of energy children: 

and of course, there were my gorgeous friend Zoe's vintage dresses: 

and vintage at Te Mata Estate winery: 

and finally... I was commissioned to take photographs for a beautiful coffee table book, that will be out in September of this year !! This is such, such, an exciting project, I am loving it!! But I can't say more about it right now!! :-)

what a great year, I hope that this year will be just as good, if not better even.
thank you for reading my blog.

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