Saturday, 5 May 2012


when in wellington, nz a few weeks ago, 
we had breakfast at nikau.  
the food was delicious and the cafe is very styly.  
we were sitting opposite an old black, very industrial lift, 
which added a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole atmosphere. 
our friends rob and lou and our family were joined by
nick's brother toby and his girlfriend karen
and we had a lovely breakfast.
karen loves opshopping / thrifting
and her fashion style is very vintage
with a touch of just herself.
she looked gorgeous on that day, as ever,
with some trousers that i envy her very much 
and a sweet white with blue polkadots vintage shirt.
her hair had a very retro look that day too.
a great look altogether.
and i couldn't help myself and take a few photos of her.
here what she looked like.  
isn't she cool?




  1. I love your photography! So talented.
    I'm thrilled that you're able to document your friend Zoe and all her Mum's precious dresses! Such a cool idea!

  2. thank you for your lovely comments. i do love taking these photos, when we have photographed a few more of the dresses, we'll be able to have a interesting picture of zoe's mum's sense of style and of what people used to wear decades ago. good luck with your pregnancy in the next couple of weeks xx