Friday, 25 May 2012

vintage at Te Mata Estate winery

Vintage has just finished here at te mata estate winery in new Zealand and I felt honoured to be asked to photograph a day’s pick opposite the winery.  vintage takes place in the middle of my favourite season, autumn. I love this time of year when the colours are so vibrant and warm.  Everytime I step outside, it feels like stepping into a wonderful dream, every tree, every bush is like a ball of fire with all these burnt oranges, copper browns, mustard yellows, and radiant reds, painted all over their leaves.  Entire streets are ablaze with these colours.  It reminds me when I went diving in the red sea off the cost of Egypt, and in the water, the coral and the fish were the colours of a rainbow, and every time I felt like I was there, weightless in this whimsical dream, floating amongst these sea creatures in this world of fantasy. I feel the same way about autumn colours, often I keep my sunglasses on to make the colours even more intense and deeper, it’s wonderful,
So vintage was finishing amongst all these colours. the weather that day wasn’t always at its best but at times when the sun decided to shine through the clouds, the place had this dreamy feel about it.  The pickers were in a great mood, the location was magical, and I had a great time photographing this special event.  Here are the photos, I hope you’ll enjoy them. xx

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful light....gorgeous photos!