Tuesday, 31 July 2012

against the odds - kat eye studio's photo-heart connection July 2012

sad moments and bad weather can end up in lovely pictures too.  
it was grey and wet outside.  
lulu had been crying and 
was holding this big white polar bear close to her, 
and she looked so sweet in that tender moment with mr bear.  
the photo's softness highlights this special moment, 
and the little tear 
delicately resting under her right eye
 tells the story of that moment

i'm linking with kat eye studio's photo-heart connection (July 2012)
because i believe, like Kat,
that a photograph is so much more
than composition, colours, light, etc
it's also so much about what it says 
to our human heart
i believe this is what makes people stop in front of a photo
and study it, analyse it, loose themselves in it
for me, the photograph i worked on this July past
is this photo
it speaks to me on a very deep level 

kat eye view

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  1. What a sweet and touching shot! Mr Bear looks like a fur coat under that tender little face! Lovely capture!

  2. This photo definitely speaks to the heart. It is beautiful.

  3. I so much agree with you...I'm trying to learn to shoot from the heart rather than looking for a perfect image. The softness in the light and her face says so much about the moment. Wonderfully tender photograph!

  4. So sweet! It speaks to me of comfort and love.

  5. There is a sweetness and a vulnerability in this image and your words. It touches the heart. We want to comfort this little girl. Thank you so much for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  6. This image is so poignant...the light tones, the wondering about what she's doing or thinking or feeling. I can see why it is a favorite. Well done-those baby blues are stunning.

  7. Wow! This shot is truly priceless. You captured the moment so well. Little Lulu's expression is so sweet and innocent.
    Beautiful beautiful

  8. Beautiful, gentle image! There's beauty in sadness too, isn't it? And I like the feeling of connection between Lulu and you. Tender love...

  9. So very sweet and touching, your photo captures a wonderful moment even when it is not a happy moment. Fantastic photo-heart connection

  10. Beautiful image and such lovely thoughts! I love how you captured the tenderness and softness of this little one!

  11. Great capture, I love how she is looking straight into the camera. I didn't notice the tear until you pointed it out! Beautiful tones and textures, great connection.

  12. Such a sweet, soft photo full of emotion - wonderful heart connection. Joining from the photo-heart connection.

  13. I like the softness and the sweetness showing in this photo, looks so great.

  14. What a wonderfully tender moment... she is gorgeous!