Monday, 6 August 2012

Zoe's dresses: Blanes of London evening dress

Zoe wearing Stella's dress, nearly 50 years later...

Zoe is the best person to talk about these amazing vintage dresses she owns from her beloved mother. Here is what she says about this gorgeous dress:
"I felt so pretty and slim trying on this lovely Blanes of London evening dress.  My little girl loved it when she saw me in it because of the magical sparkle in the fabric, the soft angora like collar decorated with vibrant turquoise jewels and the princess quality of the swirly skirt. I have photos of my fun loving Mummy laughing and enjoying life in this very dress and when I held my daughter close to me whilst wearing it I knew Mummy was there too. I so wish she could meet her name sake little Stella. They would have loved each other. I do feel that through this collection of my Mothers dresses Stella will get to know her Grandmother very well!" 

Stella wearing this beautifull dress in February 1965
Stella is so lucky she will get to know her grandmother through her wardrobe.
Bless you Zoe.

a detail of Stella's dress


  1. Love the turquoise of the dress against the red of the hair. Making magic Florence! x

  2. i so love the old photos. im a big fan of this type of photo.