Wednesday, 19 March 2014

nic + george's wedding at Black Barn, Havelock North, NZ

Just before Christmas last year, Nic and George got married at Black Barn in Havelock North and I had the pleasure to photograph their special day.  I met both of them a couple of weeks ago, on their return from London where they had been living for a few years.  I instantly felt comfortable with them, they were happy, laid back, smiley, just charming.  And this is exactly how I would describe their wedding.  I spent a lovely day with them.  Everything went smoothly, nic and george were so relaxed and every one around them felt that nice vibe.  Here are some of the photos of their wedding.  They are quite ecclectic, as some were taken in the Black Barn vineyards and others at one of my favourite shops in Havelock North, Blue Moon (owned by Lorraine and Sandra, two lovely ladies who I have got to know lately through several photo shoots at their shop, more on these in later posts).

Juste avant Noel l'année derniere, j'ai eu le plaisir de photographier le mariage de Nic et George, deux néo-zélandais qui habitaient jusqu'alors a Londres.  Je les ai rencontrés seulement deux semaines avant le grand jour et j'ai immédiatement succombée a leur charme.  Ces deux jeunes personnes allaient se marier a Black Barn a Havelock North dans l'ile du nord de la Nouvelle Zelande, et ils étaient heureux, souriants et extremement relax.  
Voici quelques photos de leur mariage.  Elles sont assez éclectiques dû au fait qu'ils avaient chois deux endroits totalement différents pour les photos: les vignobles de Black Barn et un magasin de mobilier et de jolies choses pour la maison tres intéressant, comme vous le verrez sur les photos.  


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