Tuesday, 20 March 2012

dale + stace

I was so lucky to be able to photograph my first wedding back in february this year. 
It was my dear friend hannah’s brother dale’s wedding to his most gorgeous bride, stace.  
dale + stace. 
I had been told how stressful a wedding could be for the photographer too, but I didn’t feel anything like that.  I enjoyed every bit, it was fantastic, fun, exciting.  I’m still on a high.  To be fair, stace and dale were a big part of my feeling so relaxed, they were so beautiful, so obviously in love, and they looked like being in front of a camera was second nature to them. 
Thank you so much stace and dale for giving me this opportunity.  I’ll never forget your amazing wedding in the hokianga, north of the north island in stunning new zealand.



  1. Florence you are amazing!!! We both cant thankyou enough. xxx

  2. OMGosh - these are amazing!!!!

  3. Breathless! Stunning subjects and amazing photos... You are gifted :-)

  4. Amazing pictures Florence!I can't believe I missed meeting you at the wedding! Hopefully there will be a chance if you give Hokianga another visit! Keep up the stunning work! Julia