Monday, 12 March 2012

let what you love be what you do

my mum, me (in the centre) and our friend sandrine

hello dear readers of my new blog!
i know the title of this post is a bit of a cliché, but i really live by it.  it would be such a waste to end up not having done what you love, and yet it is so easy to get bogged down with life's everyday demands and forget the important bits that make us get up in the morning.
so.  i love photographing.  everything.  with a real passion for people.  i love photographing them.  but what i also really enjoy is interacting with the people i photograph.  it's fun, interesting, uplifting.  it's what makes photographing people so different to anything else you may choose to photograph.
i have been photographing all sorts of subjects over the years, from landscapes to food, mainly for fun. and i have learned so much on the way.  i have learned to photograph (that's always a good start!), i have discovered my style and with it, a sense of self confidence in my work.   there will always be more to learn, but isn't that where a big part of the fun lies?
and now, it is time to take my photography to another level and try and make a living of it.  even if it is only an excuse to take more photographs!
in this blog, i will show you mainly photos of people, all sorts of people, gorgeous babies, cheeky toddlers, fun kids, lovely families, and very soon i will post the photos of my very first wedding as 'the' photographer, in the magical Hokianga in new zealand.  
please, do come and say hi now and then, it's so much fun sharing with other people.  i will cherish your feedback, always respect your point of view, and i definitely would enjoy a good chat.
merci et a bientot,

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