Friday, 16 March 2012

smiley nathan

bébé nathan was only five days old when i had the chance to photograph him.  he was the first baby i (gently!) placed in a basket to take a picture of him!!  he was so little, just out of his maman's belly, and even after having had 3 children myself, i was very nervous about disturbing him or making him feel uncomfortable.  but he was far from feeling disturbed and he never fussed, he actually looked like he was enjoying the experience!  he also seemed to have decided what pose to assume and so he suck on his hand most of the time, and no matter how many times we tried to change his hand's position, he would put it back in his mouth.  determined wee thing! i have met him many times since then, and he is still so laid back and smiles non stop. 
well, merci caroline, you were such a relaxed and obliging mother.  you provided me with a lovely experience.

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